Different levels of activity across varying sports demand specific requirements. At CSJ, we offer a wide range of products, mainly for for dogs. Our range of products are tailored to meet the needs of individual dogs with different activity levels.

A Way with Dogs

A Way with Dogs is the gripping new Sheepdog Trial from CSJ that plans to move across the countryside landscapes of UK and Europe, looking for the most skilful handler and dog teams. We start the trial on a stunning


Calm Down! Kizzy stood out as dog training classes had refused to help, because her owner Donna is totally blind. Other dogs barking at Kizzy had caused her to retaliate and bark back, which then escalated into a fear of

Winning food for active dogs

Over 15 years ago, Ceri Rundle, international sheepdog triallist, produced her first affordable quality dog feed for her world-famous Moel border collies. Today, CSJ is one of the fastest growing dog food companies, still working hard to keep prices low. Cats like it too! We sponsor competitions, clubs, teams, championships and handlers in every dog sport

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Our world of dog sports

Our range of products has been developed specifically for working dogs. That is why we are able to claim that CSJ Feeds Champions in Every Field. Our products are distributed via a network of knowledgeable dog people in the UK and overseas. Proud to work with top dog handlers across a wide variety of sports, we focus on maintaining prime body condition and developing peak performance in: stamina, high work drive, intelligence, strong physicality, reliability and temperament.